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It would seem

2010-09-21 14:03:32 by MajorBanter

That I have finished my Madness Day entry.


I would seem to be working

2010-08-31 19:00:45 by MajorBanter

On a Madness Day entry.

Me? Busy? Nahhhhhh.

2010-02-20 18:13:48 by MajorBanter e-development-team

HL2 Mod work fo' da winna.

Fuck Flixel

2009-12-26 15:17:37 by MajorBanter

Mapping's better.


2009-12-06 08:10:31 by MajorBanter

I'm learning that shit. Updates soon.


2009-11-11 18:08:35 by MajorBanter


40K collab out

2009-11-08 07:41:22 by MajorBanter

Check out that shizzle. It's got some good animation.

Look! Controversy!

2009-11-02 13:09:40 by MajorBanter

Newgrounds in context.

Guy called Jos (yeah, I changed his name, only got rid of 2 bits, hint hint) goes on about general Jewishness, which is fine, fair enough. Then goes and dumps negative reviews on stuff because it doesn't go with his religion. Now, I think that's just unfair.

Your religion is your lookout. This is not a petty minded rant. It is not a pre-teen's capital lettered post about the abortion of children being evil. I'm pretty damn sure it isn't a confused 15 year old berating things he doesn't like and applying inconsistent, pretentious arguments and managing to be a hypocrite.

So, if you're a Christian or otherwise, and see a page like this, I think it's fair for you to do your nut. eligion.html

But if you're a zealot and see something perfectly fine, like one of the Jerry cartoons, and label it horrific and that it 'endorses crime', I think you're a fucking idiot. Fair enough, yes?

Sorry to waste your time, but most likely I hate you.

Flash in works.

New art on the way

2009-10-23 14:08:28 by MajorBanter

And it's a right fcuk-ing bitch.

Drew a NG based vehicle with the prefix being my alias name on here. Yes, I am clever to type that.

Thought my total lack of readership ought to know that I'm actually making stuff.

And it hurts my wrist.

Flash. Ahhhhh-aaaaaah.

2009-10-21 12:37:00 by MajorBanter

Well bugger me softly.

I have Flash and Photoshop.

First Flash attempt was pretty damn good, but frankly I can't be arsed to carry on with it.

Thought I'd let you all know that.

If you're even reading this.